“You’re saying it wrong”

Living in London is fun. Why? What makes ANYTHING interesting? People.
I’m speaking against myself when spill out this belief of mine that “London is not the place to settle down.”

forever young

It’s too seductive; it’s too dynamic. You spend 30 to 60 minutes getting to and from work every day, which means that when it gets to 5 or 6 o’clock, or what ever time you’re out the door, you are most likely headed home to your PJs, a glass of wine and disappearing into the couch or you can be skipping a step once and again because your friends are ordering your freshly poured brew at the pub.

freshly poured beer

Sure this city is also a place for romance but its lusty citizens also enjoy the freedom of not bumping into someone easily when things have “gone wrong” and you “found someone more…” sexy and single and who will probably be too last week next time you see them.

Everybody moves (and moves on), everybody has a new job after a while and if you aren’t happy, you can easily change one of those variables in your life. That’s the charm in London: opportunity.

Something Must Change

At least this is what I gather from my foreign friends.

Another thing I’ve picked up on is their grammar. It’s no secret, don’t be embarrassed. Even a non-native English speaker has noticed someone else who’s saying “his” when speaking about a girl. It’s all right, it’s normal. No English speaker goes to Spain with crystal-clear Spanish either. (Remember this!)

English in Spain
So we must do something about it. What can we do? Oh, we can simply – and politely – correct them. If we do it there and then, they will remember more than if we slip them a list of verbs and pronouns. AND they will be grateful; as long as we don’t set their goals too high or knock them down for it.

The same goes for relationships, it seems. I’m no expert, what with my one-year boyfriend experience. But we can practise with friends and family. Things go smoother if we come out and say it. Say what’s bothering you and how it’s different from your own experience. In my case, I won’t offer to cook for someone else because I’m afraid they’d think I’m trying to give them a stomachache.  I can, however, fall in love with a meal someone cooked for me. It happens often. And I have no problem whatsoever in washing the dishes in return. Or teaching them English grammar, which I do sometimes.


Enjoy London!


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